One of the most contributing factors to the occurrence of acne is dry skin. When the skin becomes dry, flaking and peeling occurs. These dead skin cells then find their way into hair follicle passages and from here combine with sebum to form blockages. When the hair follicle passage is blocked in this way, acne breakouts occur. In order to avoid this result, it is important, particularly for those with dry skin types, to understand how best to deal with skin dryness. Keeping clean is important not only to control acne, but also overall health and appearance. When washing your face, it is recommended that you do so in room temperature to warm water. Any hotter will strip your skin of the already limited natural oil being produced. It is also advised that when taking a warm shower or bath that you limit yourself to no more than ten minutes.

When choosing your cleansing products, it is also advisable to pick the gentlest options. If you are using bar soap, ensure that it is fragrance free and gentle on skin. The added ingredients used to add fragrance tend to irritate facial skin and promote the occurrence of acne. Also avoid the use of scrubs, astringents and loofahs. Your hands should be enough to get lathered up and wash away dirt and makeup. Men often have it rough when they suffer acne and need to shave. It is advisable to shave just after you have showered. The hair is softer making it easier to cut through. Also shave in the direction of the hair growth to avoid irritation. A dull razor can also be harmful. Make sure your blades are clean and sharp of the best results. Find out more on how to keep your skin hydrated by going to

Be sure to also moisturize after you have cleansed. Apply the lotion directly after patting dry the skin in order to trap the moisture. Ensure that you choose a moisturizer that matches your particular skin type. You should also remain hydrated from within. Drinking plenty of water helps to remove toxins and keep skin cells plumped up. Moisture rich fruits can also help add to hydration and often provide helpful skin protecting vitamins. During sunny weather make sure to use moisturizers that contain sunscreen. When you experience dry spells in winter as a result of heated air within the home, make use of a humidifier to promote moisture. Also try a hydrating mask once a week to help enrich your skin with nourishing essential oils.